just like what women feels to

When I was thinking ‘bout my rainbow
You came inside into my cloud and poured some water
Then you gave me the Sun that made it glow
And it would be the best when you get me to see closer

Or when i thinked ‘bout stars
When i wanted one of them
You were taking me high to get ones
Then my night is always bright some

I just shut my soul up and lock it in
Do not wanna to talk this out each other
Just let it blowed by the wind
Then he can hear my beat louder

Cause it’s just like what women feels to
Wishing to get the right prince in your life
Even he doesn’t come with the white horse for you
And say that you’re a princess who’ve created for his life

But he brings the stars and the moon
He take for you the Sun and the Rainbow
And he’ll spend the rest of his life with you soon
Then you feel like there’s no hurt or sorrow


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