Recommended film : FRONT OF THE CLASS

Seseorang dengan kelainan fisik atau psikologisnya cenderung tidak begitu saja diterima dalam masyarakat apalagi dalam dunia kerja. Namun, hal itu tidak membuat Bradley Cohen, seorang penderita Tourette Syndrom menyerah begitu saja untuk menjadi seorang guru. Tourette Syndrom merupakan penyakit dimana syaraf neurologi otak mengirimkan stimulus untuk mengeluarkan suara dan gerakan aneh. Semua itu tidak dapat dikendalikan oleh si penderita. Tentu saja bagi orang awam, penderita Tourette’s terlihat aneh (freak:red).

nope [chapter 2 -_-"]

Curhat lagi ah ;)

Hi my blog,

Ah, long time not share with you ‘bout my life. Well, I think as time goes by, some things are being so complicated. Anything’s just messed up. Confused, yea, but I believe that there’s always hopes.

So, what I’m trying to tell to you is : I still have troubles with time.

I still can’t manage it well. I can see this at my tasks of college, my job, and also the things “in His way”. I get some difficulties to make ‘em good and structured. I lost some day to do what I have to do. I lost some time with my friends, my family, even for Him. 24 hours in a day is less for me. Like I need more and more hours to finish everything.

If my life is like a wheel, maybe it’s cracked. It can be rotate and bring me to somewhere anymore. That’s it. I need to fix it. Fix in whole my life. But how? Do you know how? I feel like insane when I ask to my self ‘bout what the best do that I need to do.

Then, here it goes. I gotta sick now. I’m weak again. Feel like pushed around and get kicked out. All that I feel is pressure and pressure. I know that anybody has same problems like me. But, our conditions are totally different. And the way I solve my problems is not same either.

Can you tell me how I called my feel when all the day I just sad and empty? Like I have no good time or I don’t have time to spend. I don’t know its name.

Anyway, I seldom to talk to you ‘bout the “love scene” in my life, huh? 

sorry, i can't tell you right now. it's public, haha. 
well, i'll tell you when you turn into my diary in somewhere :D

are we cool? oke? yep, see ye..



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