nope [chapter 2 -_-"]

Curhat lagi ah ;)

Hi my blog,

Ah, long time not share with you ‘bout my life. Well, I think as time goes by, some things are being so complicated. Anything’s just messed up. Confused, yea, but I believe that there’s always hopes.

So, what I’m trying to tell to you is : I still have troubles with time.

I still can’t manage it well. I can see this at my tasks of college, my job, and also the things “in His way”. I get some difficulties to make ‘em good and structured. I lost some day to do what I have to do. I lost some time with my friends, my family, even for Him. 24 hours in a day is less for me. Like I need more and more hours to finish everything.

If my life is like a wheel, maybe it’s cracked. It can be rotate and bring me to somewhere anymore. That’s it. I need to fix it. Fix in whole my life. But how? Do you know how? I feel like insane when I ask to my self ‘bout what the best do that I need to do.

Then, here it goes. I gotta sick now. I’m weak again. Feel like pushed around and get kicked out. All that I feel is pressure and pressure. I know that anybody has same problems like me. But, our conditions are totally different. And the way I solve my problems is not same either.

Can you tell me how I called my feel when all the day I just sad and empty? Like I have no good time or I don’t have time to spend. I don’t know its name.

Anyway, I seldom to talk to you ‘bout the “love scene” in my life, huh? 

sorry, i can't tell you right now. it's public, haha. 
well, i'll tell you when you turn into my diary in somewhere :D

are we cool? oke? yep, see ye..


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