An Evolution Makes A Passion

What’s your passion?

It’s a common question right now, when we’re at the age of “ looking for a job” or “create a job.”

Because, sometimes we find a quote at motivation’s books, articles, TV programs, even radio show about this one:
“ suit your passion “

So, when we look for a job, we need to choose a job which is suitable with our own passion.
Sounds comfortable, yeah, because we can work happily. Even if there’s a forcement, we still keep cool cause we love what we do.

But what if, you can find your passion after we do nothing but uninteresting, even we finally find it unawares.
I did. And it happened everytime when I almost gave up, or felt desperate with my life.
3 things, for examples, the hateful things before, but now these become my passions.
1.       Writing
I didn’t like writing. Write something formal, rigid, with  perfect grammar, and boring such as opinions, essay, report analysis, and soon. Even when I was at the high school, I hate wrote practicum’s analysis although I was one of Sains’ class students. For me, writing whatever like those really aren’t interesting at all. I prefer read novels than newspapers. Prefer watch movies than news.
 But I’d like to make poetries and short stories. Because both of them need full imaginations, and we can create something unusual on it. I do love fiction. Harry Potter? Trio Detective? Sherlock Holmes? Others fiction genre are my favorites either.

Finally, that day came. When I was a freshmen student at high school, my leader class asked me to write an essay about culture for wall-magazine competittion. What??? An essay? I was feeling lost. How come someone can ask me to do that -_- but, I did that for a victory of the competition. It’s so hard, actually. I left my paper blank for almost an hour. But then, I just thinked about the several problems between teenagers and culture. Teenagers tend to like West/ Korean/ Japan traditions than their originals. Our own cultured being fade away time by time. So, I started to write till I didn’t realise that the paper was full. Yossssh, yokata :3
After I finished, I was feeling empty for awhile. Suddenly, I fell in love with writing in this way. Is this called love at the first sight? Hohoho. Then, I decided to learn and learn more about writing. All the thing about it, include journalism. Wow, it feels so amazing. I love what I hate before. 

2.       Karate
I never imagined that I can do karate for whole my life. I used to be weak at sport lesson. I really hate run. I can’t do Volley ball, especially the serving part. Still can’t swim. The most hateful thing about sport at school is stretching like rolling ahead, rolling back, iyuuuuh, painful !
It started when I was at the first grade of junior high school too. High school seems like my metamorphose. My friend begged me to join the Karate because she didn’t have girl friends there. So, I did it. I wanna try something new either. First time exercised, wah, soooo tired. My body was like broke one by one. I couldn’t move my body normally almost 1 week. But, I was being addicted with Karate. So, I routinized the exercise.
And surprisingly, I can win the second champion of Karate Competition for 2 years in a row. I have a silver cup and silver medal. It’s really out of my expectation before, because I joined Karate just because I wanna protect my self and just wanna have fun with that.

3.       Geography
Once I feel so desperate in my life, so much, when God took me into a Geography Education for my college. That earth-thing is not my expert of course. Beside, I hate social lessons at high school like economic, sociology and others species. It’s like the whole world fell on my soulder. I feel like a coward. My dream was study at English Education at the same University. And it ended. But why, it must be Geography? Allah… :”(
I didn’t enjoy OSPEK or whatever it called. I need to habituate my self there for almost 1 semester. But, as time goes by, I learned to accept what God’s been choosen for me. Cause slowly, I do know that God always give me the best. It’s just me who didn’t grateful with Him.  And I forget when do I love Geography for the first time. Cause, everything seems different after I study here. I’m loving it.
When I  was  at the beach, for example,  I just felt calm, enjoyed the scenery, stared at the waves, felt hot sometimes, and just have fun. But after I learned so much thing about geography, the beach is not only beach. It’s one of wonderful creatures, ever. God’s creatures. The waves has the characteristic so we can tell whether the beach is dangerous or not. The sand is telling us about the historical forming about the beach. If it’s white, it means the beach was a subduction area and formed from a deep sea, cause the white sands are from the minerals and fossils. If it’s black, it shows that there are volcanic activities from the volcanic mount around the beach. Amazing, right?
So this day, if I’m going to the beach, I’m staring for a long time, trying to read the nature. Trying to make dialogue with God from His wonderful creatures. I’m feeling more peaceful at the nature places such as beach, mountain, woods, Mounts, or even just a river. So do I when look at the cloud, the sky, stars at night. Everyplace in this earth is actually saving the story, the secret, and God Asks us to think. To study it, so we can improve our faith.
“ And which favor of God that you deny? “ ( Surah Ar-Rahmaan )


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