When you're gone

Every single time I listen this song,
I’d like to cry.
I don’t know why, for sure. But, it makes me remember ‘bout my grandfather.
It’s truly deep grief in this song.
Every lyric is just like what happened some years ago, when for the last time I saw his face.
I could see the smile upon his face on that day. But those smile would be gone soon. Like down to the earth and never come back. Just get sad when I memorize all the thing ‘bout him.
He has every goodness that I know. Eventhough, yea, I realize that nobody’s perfect include him. But, in my eyes, he’s closer to perfect in some things.
To be a father, a brother, a grandfather, a good moslem, and many more..
I always remember the way he teach me and my brothers, my cousin, and his children.
He’s a simply person with all the simplicity in his life. All of his life until he’s gone.
I miss him.. so much.. like this song..
Ku iringi langkahmu sampai ke akhir jalan
Sungguh berat terasa menyadari semua
Di saat terakhirku menatap wajah itu
Terpejam kedua mata dan terbang selamanya
Inginku mengejar dirimu
Menggenggam erat tanganmu
Sungguh ku tak rela
Ku tau kau tak tersenyum melihatku menangis
Maka sekuat tenagaku ku relakan saat kepergianmu
Takkan pernah kulupakan dirimu
Tak kan sanggup ku lupakan semua
Ku tau kau tak tersenyum melihatku menangis
Maka sekuat tenagaku kurelakan saat kepergianmu

 kenapa judulnya malah when you're gone yah, itu kan lagunya ........ *tuuut*


momonway said...

I believe that your grandfather is a good person, I hope that your grandfather have a good place now...It is a good story.h h

Rizky oktaviani said...

thanks mb amin.. aamiin , hehe.
i hope so :)
i wanna cry T____T

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